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Big Chop! July 26th, 2015


Hello! I’m Jasmine. I created this blog to document my natural hair journey. I did the Big Chop (BC) on July 26, 2012 so I am only a couple of weeks short of the four month mark! Initially, I I was in shock! I hadn’t seen my true texture in a long time and while I had done loads of research and bothered many a natural friend, I was lost!!
I started writing down the products I used and things that did (and didn’t) work for me and my hair. I thought  just as so many other naturals had given me tips and advice by documenting their journey – I might be able to offer the same to someone else. Fast forward almost four months and I finally feel as though I am getting to know my hair better.
Since I am still in the Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) stage, there aren’t many styling options for me. My everyday style is a Wash ‘N Go! It’s simple and quick. Stay tuned as I continue to learn and grow, embrace my hair and get back to my curly roots.