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Are you a Junkie??


Yes, you read that right… a junkie?!?
  A product junkie! I will be the first to admit when I rocked relaxed hair I had a ton of products that did all sorts of stuff. I mean, you had to have a ton of products to achieve that fried, dyed and laid to the side straight look. I had products that straightened, reduced frizz, protect from heat damage, add shine, volume and the list went on and on. The sad part was that most of the bottles were 1/2 empty, which means I never fully committed to any one product!! Crazy, huh?

Don’t get me wrong, if having different products to choose from works for you and your hair – go for it! I just knew that I didn’t want that anymore and now that I am natural, I can proudly say “Hi, I’m Jazzy and I am a recovering product junkie.” I knew that once I cut off all my hair to go natural that I wanted to cut out my bad hair care habits as well. Since I was taking the leap and cutting off all my hair, I really wanted to get to know my hair without products assisting or masking my natural curl pattern.

The first month of my journey was spent buying and trying products recommended by my natural friends and sadly, I tried and returned 95% of them – the other 5% couldn’t be returned for one reason or another. That month, I found out a few things:


  1. Products marketed toward naturals are expensive
  2. Natural stylists are expensive too
  3. You can bring out the best in YOUR hair with a few products and those products don’t have to be expensive
  4. I would never know my hair if I constantly put product on it
  5. I DID NOT want to be a product junkie during my natural hair journey
Fast forward almost 4 months later, and my daily product count is 2-3 (depending on if I use gel). I have 3 additional products that I use specifically during my co-wash/deep conditioning sessions and at night if I want to add moisture to my hair since I don’t wet my hair at night anymore. I prefer this much more and so does my wallet. Don’t worry, I will get into more detail about my staple products in an upcoming post.
Please don’t get it twisted, I am still tempted daily to try a product especially if there is a sale going on, but I have to stay strong and committed to my curls with minimal product manipulation.
Thanks for reading!