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What I’ve learned…

Okay, so I know it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted and the only excuse I have is… it has been a crazy last few weeks! Stress at work, holiday preparations and a number of parties filled my available time the last few weeks. My biggest struggle through it all has been trying to find different ways to wear my hair during all of these festivities. Truth be told, the struggle has been all mine – everyone is always complimenting me on my hair (just as it is), it’s my insecurity that tells me I have to adorn my curls with headbands, decorative clips or pins.

One thing about doing the BC is that there is no hair to hide behind; until your hair is at a significant length, you are left to face the world full on. I am not used to that and while I have gotten much better, it is something that I still struggle with. The normal me doesn’t wear makeup or dress up everyday, but because I don’t have my hair to hide behind, I feel like my imperfections are amplified. The dark circles are darker, the lazy eye sags a little more, my lips and nose are bigger and blemished skin seems that much more blemished.
 What I’ve learned is that I am the only one that sees those amplified imperfections. To my friends and family, I am beautiful – just the way I am. I was beautiful with my relaxed hair and I am just as beautiful with my natural hair. I’ve learned that once I change the way I view things; myself, life and others – those things will start to change for the better.
Embrace your natural hair – it is what GOD gave you and as we know he doesn’t make mistakes and everything he made was good.
Here is how I wore my hair for the various holiday parties:
Wash N’ Go – Vo5 & Tresseme Naturals
Two front twists pinned with bobby pins  and I added a decorative headband
Gel used on the front
The rest of my hair out
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