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Quick Update

Over the last five months, I have really tried to focus on retaining moisture and getting to know my hair with the CG method – which as you may have read is a very simple way to care for curly hair. Lately, I felt as though I should try different things – many naturals swear by using oils/butters to seal in the moisture. I’ve tried adding an oil mixture to my monthly deep conditioning routine and my hair doesn’t respond well to it.

Also, you might remember me saying that I was on the fence about Soft ‘n Free Gro Healthy’s Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner (Co-wash); after several months of using it, I have decided I will be switching to another product once I’ve used all of it. Here’s why I won’t continue using the Nothing But Cleaning Conditioner:

  • Not a lot of slip – essential when you are trying to detangle your hair
  • Leaves my hair feeling a little greasy
  • After my last wash (12/23/12) – a week later my scalp is very itchy**
**I will say that the itchiness is only recent and could be a result of my hair not responding well to the oil – I say this because I’ve been using the Nothing But for 4 months and aside from the greasy feeling and lack of slip, I never have any adverse affects. I may try a Shea Butter mixture – but it will probably be as I get a little more length. Stay tuned!