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Whole30 Challenge!

Today is the first day of my Whole30 challenge (http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/) to cut out of the harmful foods that I eat and reset my body for better health. You may have guessed it – but this challenge lasts for 30 days. I am not a diet person – but what I liked about the Whole 30 program is that the website is very informative. If you read the testimonials, you will find them broken down by all the different ailments people suffer with. The principal is simple – eat more fruits and veggies, cut out sugars, dairy, carbs, beans, oils, nuts & seeds.

I have always been into my health, but lately I have always been really tired, chronic body pain, lacking sleep and the list goes on and on. So, I thought why not give this a try and attempt to improve my health? Better overall health = better hair and skin! I won’t post each day about this process, but I did want to share it. Here is what I ate today:

An egg scramble with spinach & salmon, a side of bacon and some tomatoes. A glass of water

Snack (2):
A handful of mixed nuts, some strawberries & blueberrys, banana. A cup of hot tea with fresh apple juice and ginger

Roasted chicken with mixed veggies, a sweet potato and an avocado. A glass of water

Next, I will try to make clarified butter (Ghee) so that I can enjoy a lil of that sometime.

So far, I’ve noticed that I never have the “full” feeling but I am satisfied – I eat more (hungry ever couple of hours). I’ll update this feeling once I’ve been in for a few days.