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Reflections & 2nd Year Natural Goals

As I approach my one year curlyversary (aka 1 year post big chop), I can’t help but reflect on what I did wrong and right this past year. The things I’ve learned that work well for me and the things that I still don’t have a comfortable handle on. I will have been natural for 1 year on July 26 and I think that my goal for my 2nd year post BC should be focused on developing a tried & true, SIMPLE regimen that is not heavily based on all the “magic” products that will define my curls, reduce my frizz and give me by best twist out EVER! Um…. negative. Been there, done that and watched a butt load of YouTube videos about what works for everyone else.

So, NO MAS! I can’t say that I have staple products that I won’t stray from. The products I am currently using are good and they do the job, but I want to reduce the amount of stuff that I am using. Not only that, I want to focus on healthy hair and a routine that is consistent. Right now, I don’t have a set schedule for cleansing, detangling, deep conditioning and the likes. I need that. I want healthy hair and my 2nd year will be dedicated to achieving that.

Here are some of the things I’ve come to like and dislike about my hair this past year:


  • My hair is super curly
  • Wash N Go’s are my friend
  • The Curly Girl Method
    • Hydrated Hair
  • My diffuser


  • Twist outs/Braid outs
  • Detangling
  • Gel all over my hair
  • Wearing the front of my hair down for my TWA styles – since my hair is shorter in the front, I don’t like the way it hangs/dries for the overall look
  • The stiff look my hair has at the end of the day (drives me crazy!!) – I take my puff is cute, but I can take the band off and still have a puff?!?!? WTH?
Things to work on:
  • Achieving good results with my twist outs/braid outs
  • stretching my hair
  • achieving 2nd, 3rd + day hair
  • Finger detangling
  • A good, simple routine with easy affordable products that work for ME 🙂
Alright, I think that’s enough! While I think there is more that I could add to the each list today, I think I will focus on adding more to my likes, removing stuff from my dislikes and getting a handle on my “things to work on” over the next year.
Any tips/products that work for you?