Fall in Love with Your Life!


Day 2: 31 Days to Reset Your Life – Honest Life Assessment

Day 2’s exercise consisted of conducting an honest life assessment in the seven key areas of my life. I stress honest because I believe that’s where many people get caught up. Maybe because outsiders tell them their life is fine or maybe because they don’t want to face the fact that they are living a life that is not their own and that’s the cause of their unhappiness. I believe the latter is me and I think this exercise really confirmed that.

It didn’t confirm if for me because I was completely in denial about being happy – but what it did do was highlight that out of the seven main areas, I only had complete satisfaction in one. No bueno.

Here are the seven areas and some of my responses as some are too personal to share. For each area, you are suppose to answer the following questions:

  • What do I LIKE about this area of my life?
  • What do I DISLIKE about it?
  1. Lifestyle & Fun (living environment, quality of leisure time):
    1. Likes: Drum lessons, Zumba, my house and the area in which I live mainly because of the great school district for my son
    2. Dislike: I don’t travel as much as I’d like, I dislike GA (but I stay for my child), quality of my leisure time and that I don’t get out much.
  2. Career & Work:
    1. Likes: Flexibility & not being micro managed
    2. Dislike: My job, the field, the substance of my work, my company, my status, and the pay
  3. Money & Finances:
    1. Like: I have a little bit of money in savings, that I am FINALLY getting adequate child support and that I don’t live paycheck to paycheck
    2. Dislike: My debt (student loans & mortgage), my pay from my job
  4. Health & Wellness (state of physical/mental health and level of self-care):
    1. Like: Nothing
    2. Dislike: That I have a long way to go towards obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle although it allows for growth; my muffin top & back fat, my unhappiness, that I don’t spend enough time pampering myself, my lack of fitness
  5. Family & Friends (quality of relationships including family/friends/parents/siblings/children):
    1. Like: My relationship with J (my 13 y/o son); that my friends and family are true & there for me (in their own way)
    2. Dislike: It’s hard to make new lasting connections and my family relies so heavily on me
  6. Love & Romance (satisfaction with romantic relationship(s) including sexual life):
    1. Like: NOTHING – I’ve been single for several years and I am not happy that I am still singe and have absolutely no potential prospects.
    2. Dislike: That I’m single, not dating and have been that way for many years now
  7. Personal Growth & Spirituality (educational & learning goals, quality of spiritual life and how you honor your spiritual beliefs):
    1. Like: My level of education (MBA) and I am satisfied with where I am in my spiritual walk – I feel as though I’m the most spiritually connected with God than I’ve ever been.
    2. Dislike: Nothing
My takeaway from this exercise:

I took a quick moment to color code the 7 areas based on 3 levels: Good, Bad and Ugly. As you can see, there is only one area in my life that I am totally satisfied with. Two MAJOR areas that for me, are the core of my self-esteem, health & wellness and love & romance were total dislikes! I have nothing positive to say about either one of those. And lastly, the bad – these are bad because I could find one or two things I liked, but for the most part were dislikes.This exercises made me realize that the reason for my decrease in self-esteem is because I am totally dissatisfied with my health & wellness and my love life, yet I’ve done nothing to change either one. It really shed light on the fact that while I need a total life haul, but I really need to focus on these areas.

This is good stuff people, join me in this eye-opening, hopefully life-changing journey… details here: http://happyblackwoman.com/31dayreset/

Til tomorrow…