Fall in Love with Your Life!


Days 5 & 6: 31 Days to Reset Your Life – Envision Your Values & Personal Mission Statement

Day 5: Envision Your Values
This exercise consisted of two parts that build from the Reset 10 that I did on Day 4. As a brief refresher, I had to list all of the things that are important to me and then narrow that list down to my top ten.
Now onto Day 5:
Part 1: Am I currently living out my values? On a scale of 1-10 rate how you feel you are acting out that value.
Part 2: For each value, list out at least 3 actions you take or should be taking to fulfill that value.

  1. Honesty – 9.9; I’m pretty good in this area but since everyone tells a lie at some point, I don’t’ believe this can be a 10.
  2. Integrity – 10
  3. Personal time – 1; spend more time pampering myself, doing more activities that I like
  4. Equality – 3; this one is hard, I feel as though I try to strive for equality as best as I can sometimes I feel as though I can’t always influence change.
  5. Love/family – 2; spend more quality time, being more open to people and meet them where they are, grace
  6. Respect – 6; making sure I give other’s the respect they deserve and also respecting myself.
  7. Privacy – 10; I am pretty good and maintaining my own privacy and respecting the privacy of others
  8. Mental Stimulation – 6; spend more time reading, learning, being creative
  9. Wisdom – 9; trusting in my own wisdom more
  10. Happiness – 1; identify why I’m not happy, work diligently to redirect the items that I identify, instead of focusing on what I don’t have – celebrate my successes, no matter how big or small!
Day 6: Write a personal mission statement
I value honesty, integrity, respect, wisdom, happiness and love. I appreciate authenticity and simplicity in all things – including myself and others. I want my life to be a model of perseverance and accomplishment offering others comfort in knowing that success can be achieved no matter what cards they are dealt. I love helping people and I want my life to be filled with opportunities to assist others in finding their personal joy. I appreciate all types of art and I want dance, music and art to be part of my daily life. Along my journey to help others, I promise to take care myself in all areas of my life. I will make a conscious, asserted effort to keep fear beneath my feet and realize that the only way I can fail is if I never try. No matter what, I hope to keep dancing.*This will be an ever evolving personal mission statement*

Til tomorrow…