Fall in Love with Your Life!


Day 11: 31 Days to Reset Your Life – Craft Your Ideal Life Narrative

Day 11: Craft Your Ideal Life Narrative
All the exercises have lead up to this one – I am supposed to take all of desires I’ve identified over the last week and not craft a narrative (story) about the life I want for myself. Flesh those ideas out by being specific. The only requirement is that I use only present tense statements. Let’s get to it!! This will change along the way I’m sure, but that’s what growth is about!
My Life Narrative
I’m so excited! I am living outside of the U.S and frequently traveling to explore more. I live in a small, modest house kinda off the beaten path that is surrounded by nature and near water. I love sitting on my porch, sipping  tea in awe of God’s creation. I like to spend my free time enjoying the city with my friends, especially dancing in salsa clubs! I spend my days doing the things that fuel my creativity – teaching art, dancing, singing and sharing my love for these things with any and everyone! What’s amazing is that people PAY me, and well I might add, to share my creative gifts.
 In addition, my blog has made me a well known public figure and I get asked to share my inspiring story with women around the world. I am completely debt free and I now earn enough to save, help J with college and travel. I am in the best health I’ve ever been, both mentally and physically, and I make maintaining my health a priority daily. My family and I are still very close and spend the holidays visiting them.Best of all, I am sharing this ideal life with my best friend.  A handsome, loving, supportive man who enhances my life as I do his as we continue to grow together. I still have my insatiable thirst for knowledge, and I quench that thirst by reading, continuing education, and studying new forms of art and different cultures. I spend time with God daily and I surround myself with others who enhance my spiritual journey. That’s most important because at the end of the day, it is all irrelevant if God is absent from my life.

Til next time…