Fall in Love with Your Life!


Days 12 & 13: 31 Days to Reset Your Life – Conduct a Time Audit & Redesign Your Day

Day 12: Conduct a Time
Theory: People always say “I don’t have enough time”
when it comes to meeting goals and getting things done. But, much of their time
is wasted or not being spent as efficiently as possible.
Exercise: Conduct a 24-hour time audit – really think critically
about how you are spending time.
My Time Audit
This was very easy for me because I waste a lot of time either
mindlessly surfing the Internet or watching TV and I’m lazy in the morning.
Last year this time, I wouldn’t have been able to make that statement because I
was always on the go. Between working full-time, busing the kid around &
teaching Zumba 2-3 days per week (which included running the business), I never
had time!!
But now, its really sad… I am in a rut and I dread getting up in
the morning and by the end of the day I am too mentally pooped to do much of
Note: This audit is of a typical weekday- I cook all of my
family’s meals on Sunday so I don’t have to cook during the week. I didn’t want
you to think I don’t feed my child!! 🙂
24-Hour Time Audit
6:00am-7:00am: Sleeping


7:00am-8:00am: Sleeping
8:00am-9:00am: Rushing to get ready for work, driving to work
9:00am-5:00pm: Working
5:00pm-6:00pm: Driving home, running errands
6:00pm-11:00pm: Watching TV, on the computer
11:00pm-6:00am: Sleeping


Day 13:
Redesign Your Day
The exercise consists of outlining a strategy to redesign your
day to make more time for the things truly matter to you. You can present your
redesign plan in a simple paragraph or a bullet point format.
  • Wake
    up earlier to allow for “ME” before my household wakes up
  • Exercise
    5 days per week in the morning
  • Make
    time everyday to spend with God
  • Cut
    out the activities that kill time i.e. surfing the net, watching TV
  • Replace
    my evening time with more productive things i.e. creative time, household