Fall in Love with Your Life!


Days 14-15: 31 Days to Reset Your Life

Hello, hello, hello!! I know you’re probably thinking I’ve completely falling off the grid since I haven’t posted in a few days, but nope, I haven’t. On Friday, I took a sick day and rested all day so that I could get well enough to face my weekend. Friday would would have been my day 14. I’m loving this program, so while I may not post here daily I am making time to complete the exercises daily.

So let’s get on to catching you up!!

Day 14: Ditch TV for 24 hours
The title is pretty self explanatory, 24 hours. No TV. Easy, right? Since I was sick on the actual day 14, I put this into action yesterday (Saturday). It was really the perfect day for it because I had a lot to do and toward the end of the day I just laid in bed and enjoyed time to myself in thought.
It was really nice! I need to incorporate that more often…
Day 15: List 100 Things that Make You Happy
Apparently, it’s supposed to be easy to list 100 things that make me happy, but honestly I completely STRUGGLED with this. The exercise was to take 30 minutes and write out 100 things that make you happy. You can pull from people, places, things, smells, food… you name it. I guess I probably shouldn’t be too surprised that I struggled but I was. Sigh, there are so many good things in my life that should have easily rolled off for this. This took me 3 hours to complete, I was also doing other things as well during that time. If I had to sit still until I came up with 100, it would have taken even longer. Sad, but true.
Here’s my list….
  1. Music
  2. God
  3. Making my son laugh
  4. Dancing
  5. Good hair days
  6. Sleeping when it’s raining out
  7. Singing
  8. Fall
  9. Spring
  10. Zandra (BFF)
  11. Diane (Mi mama)
  12. My family
  13. Silence
  14. Makeup
  15. A genuine compliment from a guy
  16. Simplicity
  17. Good food
  18. Art
  19. Honesty
  20. Fitting nicely into a pair of jeans
  21. Disconnecting from it all from time to time
  22. Good movies
  23. Snickers (my dog)
  24. Education/learning new things
  25. Zumba
  26. Sweet tea
  27. The beach/water
  28. A clean house
  29.  A great date
  30. Relaxing
  31. Researching things that interest me
  32. My house
  33. A chill in the air
  34. Geranium/Linen scents
  35. Freshly washed & dried laundry
  36. Listening to live music
  37. Serving in church
  38. Italian Food
  39. Mexican Food
  40. Positive, productive people
  41. Massages
  42. Going against the grain
  43. Hot showers
  44. Painting
  45. Sleeping in
  46. Blogging
  47. Babies
  48. Drumming
  49. Ballroom dancing
  50. A cold beer & peanuts
  51. Road trips
  52. Traveling
  53. Being a great mom
  54. Bahama Breeze
  55. Oprah
  56. Red Velvet Cake
  57. Long walks to clear my mind
  58. Watching TV
  59. Sunset
  60. Curling up with a good movie, glass of wine & Chinese food
  61. Naps
  62. Trying new recipes
  63. Being me
  64. Being productive
  65. Being successful in life
  66. Good hugs
  67. Helping people
  68. Good conversation
  69. Learning from other’s experiences
  70. Peace
  71. Good health
  72. My Natural Hair
  73. Being outdoors/active
  74. Doing nothing (sometimes)
  75. Giving advice
  76. Laughing
  77. Planning
  78. Feeling loved
  79. A nice glass of Moscato or Lambrusco
  80. Curling up with a good magazine
  81. Spending time in my woman cave
  82. Spending time with my son
  83. Nature
  84. Smelling nice
  85. Exercising
  86. People watching
  87. Watching a movie alone
  88. Music from the 80’s & 90’s
  89. Natural light
  90. Sunshine
  91. Seasons changing
  92. Being a role model
  93. Being a leader
  94. Hands on involvement in my son’s education
  95. Being a good friend
  96. Giving
  97. Looking nice
  98. Watching YT videos for visual examples of things I want to learn about
  99. Time to myself (Me time)
  100. Being Happy
So there you have it….I’m pooped!
Til tomorrow…