Fall in Love with Your Life!


Days 16-17: 31 Days to Reset Your Life

Day 16: Imagine Your Perfect Day

Yesterday I had the painful task of listing 100 things that make me happy. Aye dios mio!!! That was probably the hardest part of this journey so far. The next step is to take those 100 things and imagine your perfect day incorporating some of those things I listed.

You are supposed to detail what you would & would not be doing, who you’d be with and what that day would look, feel, smell and taste like. Review the 100 things list and take 30 minutes to jot down you first thoughts but don’t over think it… just write.


Here’s my perfect day:

I wake up around 10:00 am after a restful night’s sleep, thanks to the soothing rain. I get up and do my daily exercise and follow that up with a hot shower and getting ready for my day. I start out treating myself to breakfast and sitting in the corner of the restaurant people watching. I enjoy watching families interact, embracing the smell of food and fresh coffee. I don’t have anything planned to do today and I can spend my time as I wish, so I turn off my cellphone. I go to a few of my favorite stores and browse at my leisure. I meet a friend for lunch and then go catch a movie by myself and I get my favorite movie snacks – nachos and a large coke slushy. After the movie, I get home and relax and take a hot shower. I finish the night sipping on a glass of Moscato, eating Chinese food and watching a Redbox.


Day 17: Take Yourself on a Date
After outlining my perfect day, the next step is to take that day from imagination to reality and take myself out. Yes, ME all by my lonesome! It makes me happy just thinking about it. Seeing as though I have a kid, I have to “plan” for this date and I am doing just that. I think my “date” with myself will be this Saturday, November 30, 2013. My plan – my drum lesson, a facial and maybe a movie. I will update you on what I actually end up doing with myself on Saturday.
My take away –
I think part of this journey is forcing me to break down the wall you call a “rut” and identify the things that make me happy so that you can get back to doing those things. As hard as thinking of 100 things was, I needed to do that exercise to learn how to be grateful for the little things. Imagining the “perfect day” was pretty simple. I kept it low key but after thinking about it – I’ve lived that day many times in the past. Hmph! Go figure!
Looking forward to taking myself out on this date!!
Til tomorrow…