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Day 23: 31 Days to Reset Your Life: Stop Complaining for 24 Hours

Day 23: Stop Complaining for 24 Hours

After reflecting on the negative people in our life, ourselves included, you may have realized that the reason you could classify yourself as a negative person is that are never happy and always complaining. Yes, everyone complains but when your complaining becomes a hindrance, there’s an issue. It prevents you from moving forward in life, appreciating the things you have and as Rosetta Thurman put it, it steals your joy.
She shared this quote:
“Most people do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being. Many do not realize that before they were complaining about an aching body or a chronic disease, they were complaining about many other things first. It does not matter if the object of your complaint is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.” – Esther Hicks
It’s weird but this wasn’t difficult for me. Maybe it’s because I am doing this program or possibly the week of Thanksgiving, but I went at least 72 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) hours without complaining. I’ve been really trying not to sweat the small stuff and be grateful for things I normally take for granted. But let’s be real, the last 72 hours is not the normal me. Normally, I complain abut everything. It’s easy to complain and harder to shut your negative thoughts down and be grateful instead. Ya’ll don’t judge me, I’m just being honest. That’s the first step, recognizing the problem. Ok, I’ll say it…”Hello. My name is Jasmine and I am a natural complainer.” It just flows out! SIGH! I know, I know, I’m working on it and I went without complaining for three days! Whoop, Whoop!

Do you complain? If so, how can you take that negative thought and turn it into a spoken gratitude?

Til tomorrow…