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Happy New Year & My Holiday Hair Recap!


I hope you accomplished your goals in 2013 and are ready for 2014! I am so excited for this year, I feel like 2014 is MY year. I am prepping for a few small changes to my blog so I hope you’ll stay around for the ride!


My Holiday Hair – Protective Style

Last year for my company holiday party, my hair was very short as I was only 5 months post BC. I literally had zero styling options other than adding hair accessories, so I found a cute headband and some earrings and made it work.

December 2012

December 2013 put me at 17 months post BC so naturally my hair was longer and I had a few more options. I was perusing YT videos for styling ideas and came across this video from LHDC-TV. I’ve mentioned her in my blog before, but if you forgot to check her out here’s the link to her YT page https://www.youtube.com/user/LongHairDontCareLLC/featured.

I thought this style was very cute and although her hair is much longer than mine, I used this style to inspire my last minute holiday party hair.

Super cute and easy right! Here’s how my hair turned out…



About the style: My hair started out in a 4 day old twist out and was out during my workday. I knew I didn’t want to wear it out or have to wash it to style it so I improvised. I had watched the video a few days before so I said gave it a go.A little water, a bit of my gel concoction, a donut, some product and many, many pins pulled this together. I then tied my hair down with a scarf to lay down the edges for a sleeker look until I was ready to walk out the door.

Yes, I know my hair turned out different but that’s just it – I don’t expect my hair to turn out like the videos I watch. My hair is almost always a different texture/curl pattern/thickness as the person I’m watching but that doesn’t stop me from attempting the style on my hair and making it work with what God gave me. I loved this look and I got many compliments.

What’s your favorite quick style?