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January & February 2014 in Review: BF Visit, Valentine’s Day & Vegas Baby!

Hello, hello, hello!!! Long time… So the picture above displays all of the things I want more of in 2014!! I must say this year is starting off right. Seeing as though I’ve been missing in action I figured it was time to get back to sharing my life. While I normally don’t have much to share, I think the first two months of 2014 proved to be note worthy. Here’s a brief review:

January 2014: My BFF Visits 

My BFF Zandra and her husband FINALLY came to GA to visit me. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten and although we live far apart and have our own lives, we’ve done a good job of keeping in touch. We don’t see each other nearly as much as we’d like so we made sure to make the most of our four days five nights together. The days were packed with shopping, visiting our childhood neighborhoods/schools, trying new and local cuisine, a Martin Luther King Day Parade and a tours of the historic King Center, the Kings’ burial plots and Ebeneezer church.

Whew! I’m tied just recapping it! LOL! I LOVE that girl, she just gets me. Her and her husband are just great people; giving, grounded, humble, spiritual, happy, smart… I can go on and on.The time spent reminded me to appreciate the little things in life, be grateful for what I have and remain hopeful of the things yet to come. Finding & making quality friends as an adult is difficult, so if you have one hold onto them.

Zandra is an up & coming celebrity. She co-authors a blog, Sistas in Zion www.sistasinzion.com. The blog has quickly blossomed into a weekly radio show, a book deal (anticipated release April 2014) and a speaking tour. I don’t know of anyone who deserves success more and I can’t wait to support her all the way to the TOP!

Jazzy & Zandra

Jazzy & Zandra – January 17, 2014
February 2014: Valentine’s Day

Usually during Valentine’s day I am completely single, free & unattached. But, one of my goals for 2014 was to travel more and start dating more. I’m a young, 32 year old women who is pretty settled in life. My son is a teenager and while he still needs me, he is at a place in life where I have more flexibility. This Valentine’s Day started out with a “Good morning beatiful” and included flowers delivered to my office, a fight with the sender of said flowers which ultimately cancelled our evening plans and ended our dating. It was crazy and I was disappointed, but everyone knows a true diva ALWAYS has a back up plan.

Saturday, the 15th I spent the first part of the day shopping for my upcoming Vegas trip and the second part was spent spending time with a male suitor. The evening was low key, but nice. We went to see About Last Night with Kevin Hart and to my surprise I received a nice and unexpected gift. A Lancome perfume gift set (pictured below):

Lancome Set
La Vie Est Belle

This Valentine’s #almostfail taught me a lot. I tend to internalize everything and take on 100% of the responsibility and then beat myself over how things turn out. Well, sometimes people have issues that have nothing to do with me – they own it in FULL!  Things don’t always work out and sometimes I’m better off. Following my instincts has always proven to serve me well and this Valentine’s Day was no exception!

Vegas Baby!!
Yep, you read that right. I was in Vegas from 2/20 – 2/23 and it was AWESOME. Celine Dion was the reason for the season. I. LOVE. her!! NO shame here! Of course she was playing at the beautiful Ceasars Palace and all in all the short vacation proved to be a nice break. Great place to people watch, a TON of walking and gorgeous architecture everywhere you turn. I will say though, it is more suited for people who want to shop, gamble, drink and see naked people. DUH, right? Well, I am not a shopper, gambler, heavy drinker and I am good on seeing naked people. So instead, we went in most of the hotels and marveled at the beauty. Celine was AMAZBALLS! Here are a few pics of my recent vacay:
Ceasars Palace/Celine Dion Concert/Michael Jackson Exhibit
All in all, the year is starting out great! Got to see my BFF, had a great Valentine’s Day and my first trip of the year better than I could have asked for. Stay tuned til next time.
How’s 2014 treating you?