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Making progress in life: March 2014 in Review & Book Announcement!!

Happy Friday Divas!

As you saw in my review of January & February, this year started off great. I got to see my BFF, Celine and learned a few love lessons. March proved to be just as great and productive. Part of my pursuit of happiness is consistently moving toward my goals of being a successful business owner. Those of you who know me, know that I have had several successful businesses that I served the purpose of providing extra income but ultimately were not my passion so I let them go.

When I tell people I want to have my own business, they immediately ask me what are my passions. Up until recently I’d say that I love the arts and working with kids. But, one thing that I never said or that even crossed my mind is my passion to motivate and inspire women to live their best life. I do this in my everyday life, organically and I don’t think about it. I get cornered at my desk or at the water cooler and women are sharing their struggles with me. I offer support, words of encouragement and share my own life experiences to show that they an overcome the situation.

Early March, I was talking to my BFF and I shared with her that I wanted God to direct my path and that I was done with “chasing” what I thought I needed to do. Not even three days later, I get a Google + private message from a  woman that I was following. She was inviting me to join her anthology project. She was compiling a book of stories from mothers across the globe on how they followed their dreams. The thing was, she didn’t know whether or not I was a mother but she said something just told her to reach out to me. Was this a sign? After prayer, I decided that yes, it was the answer I was looking for.

Our Book

The book is called Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All! It will be comprised of 25-30 stories of women from all walks of life who, in addition to being great moms, made time to accomplish their dreams.

Our book is scheduled to be released June 2014. I will be an internationally published author and my story will be shared with the world. WOW! Pinch me…

Here is the beautiful cover.
Book Cover

Deciding to join this project was about far more than money. In the last month, I have connected with so many successful business owners and coaches, made friends and ultimately opened myself up to unlimited possibilities. I have a great support system and I can’t wait to see how God moves in my world. I will be sharing more as our launch date approaches. I have already seen opportunities open up for me which I will share in subsequent posts.

See you in the next one!