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Taking Time to Smell the Flowers


Beautiful flowers, huh? I received those from a very sweet guy when we met yesterday for our first date. A gesture that tells me a lot about this guy. He’s thoughtful, sweet and that the details matter to him. Sure, he could have just met me for dinner but the fact that the plans were last minute and he still found a moment to buy me flowers is pretty cool.The flowers that made him stand out because that’s definitely not the norm in my dating experience and the thought makes me smile.

The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of frustration, self inflicted, of course. I have a tendency to overlook my accomplishments trying to get to the next level as quickly as possible, which means I am always in pursuit of my next goal and always stressed. Many wise people advised me to slow down, really be present in each moment and celebrate each win and accomplishment. So easy in theory, but for an ambitious person, very difficult to put into practice. I finally listened and told myself that I needed to slow down. On Thursday I treated myself to 90 minute deep tissue massage, had lunch with a friend, did two Zumba classes and celebrated my day with ice cream. Friday, I did nothing but lay around all day and then at the last minute made plans to meet the guy for dinner.
I think I could learn a lesson from this guy. A story is not a story without the details, no matter how good or bad the details are what make us who we are and should be celebrated. I really need to slow down and smell the flowers and be happy in my current place in life because all it makes up the story of my life. I saw this quote yesterday and thought it was fitting.
Till next time…