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Hair Update: Getting back to the Basics & Natural Hair Advice

Hey Lovelies!!

I know I’ve been lacking on the hair blogs, but I have so much GREAT stuff going on right now and to be honest, not much has changed with my hair. I am two days away from being 22 months post BC. Yes, only TWO months til I make my 2 year nappiversary!! Recently, I’ve been back on my kick of trying to find the best “miracle” products. Well that ish has got to stop – it has left me frustrated and on the verge of either doing another BC and leaving it short OR going back to the creamy crack.

 So, I took some time to breathe and remembered back during my TWA stage when I was a dedicated “curly girl (CG)” and my hair was thriving. I’m sure you’ve heard of the curly girl method and if not you can buy the book on Amazon and I wrote a post on it back in the day. Ultimately, it’s getting rid of shampoo, brushes/combs, heat and rockin your curls. I also remembered Chicoro’s book – How to Grow It and the simple regimen she outlined. When I combined those two, it’s an easy way to manage my hair without being a product junkie.

I’ve decided I’m going back to the basics, being committed to the curly girl routine and will be trying out a few new CG friendly products that I hope I can make staples. I will let you know how they work for me and if they renew faith that I can make MY hair work for ME.

 If you are new to the natural hair community here is my best advice to hopefully save you some frustration:

  1. Don’t waste a ton of time lusting after the naturals on YT – the styles/products/techniques will always work for them but may not work for you. Find 1-2 that focuses more on hair health and providing knowledge so you can learn along the way.
  2. When you find a product your hair loves – STICK with it!! Don’t think about replacing it until it is no longer working for your hair.
  3. Be patient with your hair and the journey
  4. There are a million and one natural hair “rules” many of which are conflicting, in order keep your sanity in tact, DO YOU! If it works, do it!!
  5. Don’t compare your hair – learn to love it as it grows! You’ll be happier that way.
  6. Don’t expect everyone to support your decision to go natural or to love all your styles – it’s your choice and if you love it, to hell with everyone else. 
I hope this helps! What advice would you give a new natural?